P-LEI.org is changing

P-LEI.org was launched in July 2013 to provide a consolidated view of reference data published by pre-LOUs in the nascent Global Legal Identifier System (GLEIS), by mapping each pre-LOU’s published files to a common format defined by P-LEI.org. P-LEI.org was, and is, a pro bono service provided free of charge, for the public good, by its collaborating sponsors: GS1, Tahoe Blue Ltd, FIX Protocol Ltd, and Corporation for National Research Initiatives.

In the first half of 2014, the Global Legal Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) was formally established and a common file format was defined by the LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) for the publication of LEI reference data by pre-LOUs. While influenced by P-LEI.org, the ROC common file format is different from the format in which P-LEI.org publishes consolidated data. By now, nearly all pre-LOUs publish their reference data in the ROC common file format, and some have discontinued the use of the proprietary formats used previously.

The introduction and adoption of the ROC common file format has made P-LEI.org’s primary function of consolidating proprietary formats less important for users of LEI reference data, and it is expected that the GLEIF will publish its own authoritative consolidated LEI data set.

As a result of these factors, the sponsors of P-LEI.org have decided not to offer a comparable consolidation service for LEI data published in the ROC common file format.

P-LEI.org has continued to process the “legacy” proprietary LEI data files that some pre-LOUs have elected to continue to produce. However, as more and more pre-LOUs have discontinued the redundant publication of LEI data in their old formats, the consolidated dataset compiled at P-LEI.org is becoming increasingly out of date.

Although P-LEI.org is not consolidating LEI data published in the ROC common file format, the sponsors of P-LEI.org will provide a variety of follow-on alternatives. GS1 offers a consolidated LEI service at C-LEI.org and Tahoe Blue will provide value-added LEI matching and LEI onboarding services at G-LEI.com.

All of the sponsors of P-LEI.org are happy to have provided a useful service to the LEI user community, and look forward to the continued evolution of the Global LEI System.